Two Islands By Cody James

Having grown up in a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, American photographer Cody James has a great affinity with the natural world. His series ‘Two Islands’ draws upon this contiguous relationship between man and nature, capturing collisions between the two in the bustling metropolises of Hong Kong and Taipei.

“The first thing I pointed a camera towards was the natural world”, James explains. “Because of this experience, I always seek out subjects influenced by nature, be they people or places.” Both Hong Kong and Taipei are cities bulging with high-rise developments, living space is scarce and urban centers sprawl beyond their intended borders. Yet, even here nature thrives. Both cities are built on islands, and so have strange proximity to, and relationship with, their natural surrounds. This theme is developed by James in ‘Two Islands’. He explains; “I traveled to Hong Kong and Taipei, two metropolitan cities on islands with a close relationship to their natural landscape. These photos are an exploration of the people, the environment, and the way of life in a world unfamiliar to me.”

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