Unique Replicas From Studio Furthermore

A replica is defined as a direct copy or model of something, so similar in form that it is almost indistinguishable from the original. London practice, Studio Furthermore have developed original replication methods, and with molten alloy and foam have created their latest series of design objects titled “REPLICA.”

Studio Furthermore’s designs are carefully handcrafted from a ubiquitous foam material that they cast clay and aluminum over, a process they call the ‘lost foam’. On firing the object in the kiln this foam burns away, leaving behind a unique foam replica. As the Studio explains, “In each case an original work is sacrificed and what remains is a REPLICA.” This collection of experimental furniture, lighting, and objects have been realized using this technique.

The likeness of their materials to geological formations and actions led the Studio north to the shores of Iceland for research. This alien landscape is constantly shifting; geysers spout from the middle of pastel arctic deserts, crystalline blue icebergs carve their way from glacial lagoons to black sand shorelines. “This young land, still in its primordial phase, perpetually forms and reforms via its rock cycles,” the Studio explains.“Energy and matter releasing from within the earth cool in varying conditions to produce a wide spectrum of rock materials. Silent and inanimate, rocks are themselves a curiosity since they express little but that of the processes to which they owe their formation.” The strange energy of the Icelandic landscape feels very present in this collection.

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