Universal Favourite’s Box Of Complements

A delicious treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds arrives in the form of Universal Favourite’s modular chocolates. First conceptualized as a gift for their partners and clients, the Sydney-based digital design agency has collaborated with the chocolate artisans at Bakedown Cakery to reveal a beautiful box of ‘Complements’.

Universal Favourite work towards insightful creations that balance great design and purpose — Complements is an exciting example of just that. The modular staircase shapes were created using 3D printing to ensure uniformity and an elegant finish. Decorated in an exuberant color palette and painterly finishes reminiscent of marble, the chocolates almost look too good to eat, appearing as miniature sculptures rather than edible artworks. Undoubtedly delicious alone, the geometric forms have been specifically designed to interlock into a bite-size cube. This design detail plays host to the unexpected multitude of flavor combinations; After reportedly much debate and extensive tasting, those chosen were blackcurrant, cherry, cookies and cream, fairy floss, lemon, matcha, pistachio, shortbread, single origin dark, strawberry, vanilla and watermelon.

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