Vertical House By Miró Rivera Architects

Designed by Miró Rivera Architects, the five-story Vertical House is a stunning contemporary residence located on one of the few lots in Dallas. The house was built above the treetops and offers an intriguing counterpoint to the tropical ambiance of its forest-like setting.

Characterized by clean lines, sheer glass walls, and sculptural sun shades, the curvilinear geometry ranges from the master suite and extends out into the landscape. Visitors to the house have to cross over the excavated area via an architecturally exposed structural steel foot bridge to the front entry. The interior features a subdued material palette, consisting of white walls and polished concrete floors with a continuous accent wall of bookmatched Carrara marble that runs the height of the stair. As an enthusiastic collector of exotic plants, the client wanted a house that would enable views of the site, but also maintain privacy from neighboring properties. In response, the architects conceived the house as two interlocking, contrasting volumes. One half is transparent and oriented toward the overgrown gardens, while the other half is solid and provides privacy to the spaces inside.

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