View Of The World: VELUX Transports Us Beyond The Everyday, To Imagine Tomorrow

Representing the brand’s ambition and interest in how the spaces around us affect us, the visuals function to promote an aspirational and healthy lifestyle. Windows to the sky, their position opens views while letting natural light come down and dissipate, illuminating surfaces, reflecting light, and optimizing ventilation and space—elements that remarkably increase one’s quality of life. More than just offering angles on interior aesthetics and keeping people inspired, they create attractive places that support health while slowing down the human impact on the world, through innovative energy management, energy efficient glazing, and thermal control.

What will tomorrow look like? They say it takes the bravest minds to dare imagining the future. For VELUX, roof windows are their answer to a new, restorative, and sustainable tomorrow. Stimulating the senses and aligning dreams to create lasting change, these renders seek to show that atmosphere and sustainability go hand in hand, in places in which dreamy environments may be reached within the confines of our very home.

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