Villa SG21 By FillieVerhoeven Architects

Situated next to a historic road that passes through an area of typical Dutch countryside between the cities of Rotterdam and Gouda, Villa SG21 breaks the residential mould with a clean, modern form.

Dutch studio FillieVerhoeven Architects designed this minimalist villa with a contemporary aesthetic which permeates the entire dwelling. The monolithic structure features an asymmetric gabled form clad entirely in blackened timber and incorporating large glazed openings on all sides. To achieve the bold, minimalist aesthetic, the architects combined references to the area’s agricultural heritage with contemporary details. The building features an offset roofline that accommodates two levels on one side of the house and slopes down gradually to the height of a single storey on the other. The interior is dominated by clean white walls and concrete floors, asserting the home’s minimalist appearance. Each of the timber facades incorporates large windows, including the open living area, where large sliding glass doors break up the contemporary aesthetic by framing in views of the surrounding rural landscape. The architects chose to complement the surrounding greenery by adding a turf roof that makes it seem as if the garden is extending onto and over the building.

All images © François Verhoeven

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