Vitor Andrade’s Photographs Capture Lonely Figures In Wide Spaces

There is a distinctive sensibility in Andrade’s photography, one that stems from a deeper place; from his experience of relocating from Brazil to the United States. The self-taught photographer tells IGNANT that photography was the medium that encouraged him to express his own vocabulary, and define himself by looking at the new world around him: “When I moved to New York City, over six years ago, I would spend most of my free time out on the streets searching for the interaction of forms, light, and people.” Today, his portfolio takes viewers on a visual journey from Paris to New York, São Paulo to Los Angeles. “Every city has its own individual language. Sometimes they are gray and harsh, sometimes bright and calm, or rational and sharp. I am fascinated by finding the right perspective and ‘words’ to maximize the respective elements of each place,” he shares.

Throughout his work, Andrade maintains an exceptional compositional eye—strong, geometric lines and angles are the focus of his photographs. Most of his images include human subjects, captured as lonely figures in wide spaces during brief moments of interaction and transition. This adds a poetic tone to the frames, while exploring a sense of scale and complicating ideas of place. His photographs have an air of longing to them; they project solitude and cultivate an immediate sense of intimacy within the viewer, enabling pause and reflection.

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