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The work of Moscow artist Maxim Zhestkov merges motion design with patterns in nature: his latest computer generated video work ‘Volumes’ explores this combination through the rhythmic movement of billions of colored particles.

Throughout the film, the particles evolve inside simulated gallery spaces: their collective mass moving as if prodded, pushed and squeezed by an invisible force. Zhestkov explains these particles as if they were autonomous beings: “They dance, play and communicate with each other in an eternal hypnotic ballet governed by the invisible wind of fate.” Their movement is indeed reminiscent of nature; the combined mass of the particles mimicking the swell of the ocean and its waves, and their individual forms shiny and bursting like a ripe gooseberry. Each frame in ‘Volumes’ presents a new digital sculpture, blending ambient sound and the motion of the particles — representative of Zhestkov’s diverse skill set. ‘Volumes’ can be purchased for digital collection now from Sedition Art.

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