Wandering Along The Moroccan Mountains With Nina Keinrath

Born in Vienna, Austria the 23-year-old film-maker and photographer Nina Keinrath chooses to capture the calmness of her surroundings. 

“The colors were very intense and the different landscapes were just breathtaking.”

After traveling the mountains of her home country she fell in love with landscape-photography and decided to take a trip into the mountains of Morocco…
“Our first stop was Marrakech, then we took the car through the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert.The colors were very intense and the different landscapes were just breathtaking. I decided to capture the feelings triggered by the different colors and landscapes of Morocco in my pictures.”

“After spending one night in the desert, we wanted to explore the seaside of the country so we took the bus to Essaouira.”

“I was again fascinated by the colors. The sea was very rough but the city was full of calm colors: a mixture of blue, beige and brown. As were the people, calm and way more relaxed.”

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