We Are Ugly But We Have The Music By Marisa Chafetz

New York based photographer Marisa Chafetz explores the blurred lines between fictional tableaus and traditional documentary photography. Her art comprises topics such as family life, American suburbia, and coming of age. Her most recent series titled “We are ugly but we have the music” focuses on her personal exploration of her own family and her childhood. The pictures tell the unlikely and beautiful story about her earliest memories. In recent years, her family has fallen apart in monumental ways. The artist had to confront herself with the process of death and decay, as many family members passed away over the recent years. Marisa grew up with knowing that falling apart means that two hands are always there to catch her. She created these series to understand what is left and to internalize that childhood meant being sure. In her own understanding, her memories seem like a series of stories, so magnificent, they sound like fiction. But what is the reality of what we are now, after our fall from grace?

All images © Marisa Chafetz

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