Wenjun Chen And Yanmei Jiang: ‘Me And Me’

‘Me and Me’ is a longstanding project conducted by Wenjun Chen and Yanmei Jiang, a couple who are freelance photographers based in Guangzhou, China. The work exists as a series of photographs, handmade books, letters and online material, documenting their lives and stories shared together.

The artist couple met in 2007 and found that it naturally occurred to photograph each other. In 2014, the turning point for their work happened in that more conscious decisions were made to document their relationship. The photographs that constitute ‘Me and Me’ arose from this visual exploration of their daily life, maintaining the spontaneity and trust perceivable in their earlier images. Wenjun Chen and Yanmei Jiang treat their focus as a means of exploring and understanding themselves in a relationship, resulting in a body of work that offers an intimate portrayal of two devoted artists. The handmade books collate images of one lover in the eyes of the other, presented in a loose journal style that meditates on the ephemeral moments they capture. Alongside the photographs and other artefacts, the pieces were displayed in a series of global ‘Me and Me’ exhibitions and were recognised by five international awards.

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