“Where Art And Information Intersect”: Marco Kesseler On Photographing Our Relationship To Food And Agriculture

How does where you live influence your work?

It influences me massively; I grew up in London but I think I’ve always been quite connected to the land. Half of my family is from an island in Greece and I always loved being surrounded by nature there; growing fruit and vegetables, learning how to identify wild greens, and helping my family harvest their olives. My appreciation of food and connection with the land has translated into some of the work that I make.

Now I split my time between London and the South West, where my partner is from. The two places couldn’t be more different, but I really love that balance between a remote rural setting and city living.

What has drawn you to photographing the intersection of food, portraits, and socio-political issues?

I’ve always been interested in visual representations of narrative, whether that is film, painting, or more traditional journalism and that is what drew me into photography in the first place. I studied documentary photography and I love the process of researching, investigating, and telling a story at my own pace, particularly looking at the more hidden communities within a wider issue. Recently my ongoing project has been supported from GRAIN Projects and the Arts Council England, looking at the changing agricultural landscape both in terms of our relationship to food but also working with communities of seasonal workers that the industry relies on.

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