Wild Gathered And Carefully Preserved: The Formula Behind Dr. Hauschka’s Healing Ingredients

Gently crossed by the Wiese river, and surrounded by the green hills of the Alps and the Vosges mountains in the distance, the Black Forest’s meadows near Lörrach, at altitudes of 900 meters, are sprinkled with bright yellow flowers. Since 1980, this place has been the main stock of Dr. Hauschka’s ultimate herbal remedy, the Arnica Montana. Found in sprawling clearings of subalpine forests, this ruffled perennial plant from the Asteraceae family is a miracle wildflower containing a centuries-old European pain relief secret. Capable of aiding recovery, Arnica has wound-healing, nervous, stimulant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Recommended for blunt trauma injuries such as strains or bruises, when used topically, its active constituents—flavonoids, tannins, sesquiterpene lactone—stimulate and dilate blood vessels, assisting the body by reducing swelling and inflamed tissues and alleviating pain.

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