Winners Of The Visual Storytelling Contest By The Independent Photographer

Right here are the winners and finalists of The Visual Storytelling Contest By The Impartial Photographer.

“From traditional social documentary to imaginative storytelling: The art of visible storytelling encompasses a large selection of options with at its heart, the will to tell a tale and we had been trying to get visible artists aiming to captivate and share their stories with awareness and conviction.”

American photographer Nichole Sobecki, represented by renowned photo agency VII, was the judge of the competitors.

Berber Theunissen – 1st Prize – “The Soul Within”

“The rising entire body. The excitement. Noticing the aged me fading absent, the starting of a new lifestyle. The dread of shedding him all over again, the mental scars immediately after the miscarriage. The to start with strong kicks, bit by bit regaining have faith in in my overall body. The expanding enjoy. The therapeutic homebirth. Assembly the soul that had been with us presently all people many years, last but not least earth facet. The double sword: tiredness, heartbreaking fears, mind-boggling responsibilities alternated with a comfortable internal peace, overpowering joy.”

Comments from Nichole Sobecki: “The shrouded physique reminds us of the profound transition into motherhood, but also of that slim veil in between daily life and dying, the girl you are before and the woman you develop into. As an emotional landscape, it reveals the complexity of an often-caricatured experience: the anticipation, the hope, and the terror. The pregnant feminine kind has been depicted many times, yet this reimagining feels own, straightforward, and courageous.”

Extra: The Unbiased Photographer, Instagram, Facebook h/t: 121clicks

Lorraine Turci – 2nd Prize – “Polaris Artefact, Antarctic Peninsula”

“Huts, exploration stations, shelters, monuments, or maritime landmarks: human constructions in the Antarctic Peninsula are a benchmark for a globe that the creativeness still thinks of as immaculate. Landmarks might be sensed right here as pre-ruins, up coming to vestiges, practically to be sculptures. The human existence appears incongruous in these distant regions. Wonderful and colored geometries misplaced in white stretches that we envision extending to infinity. In distinction with the constructions of indigenous persons, the constructions of conquest are listed here scientific, industrial. Pretty much cosmonaut: people on a different earth. From “Polaris Artefacts” collection.”

Feed-back from Nichole Sobecki: “The lone drop sits, lively from the subdued tonality of this land and its waddle of penguins. Also normally the Arctics are portrayed as desolate, untouched spots, significantly taken off from the problems of mankind (or any meaningful sense of responsibility). In this article, the photographer has elegantly challenged that perspective. To certainly convey ourselves into harmony with the all-natural world, we ought to return to observing humanity as a component of it.”

Simon Móricz-Sabján – 3rd Prize – “Medical employees getting treatment of a Covid-19 affected person, Budapest, Hungary”

“Medical personnel carrying personal protecting gear take care of a Covid-19 favourable client at the Uzsoki Hospital, Budapest, Hungary. Hungary has an exceptionally large mortality price compared even to the most hugely contaminated countries. Given that the outbreak of coronavirus in Hungary, the fatality charge had proven a increasing development then started off to decrease at the beginning of July. As of December 18, 2020, the loss of life rate because of to the virus achieved 2.61 p.c in the country.”

Opinions from The Impartial Photographer Editors: “Simon Móricz-Sabján’s carefully arresting and impeccably framed image brilliantly demonstrates the medium’s communicative capabilities. Strikingly forthright, nevertheless imbued with a surreal high quality, it imparts the essence of the scene completely, however simultaneously resonates far past the sum of its parts, serving as a profoundly somber and acquainted image of the ongoing world wellbeing crisis.”

Finalist – Gianluca Attoli – “The aspiration is always the same”

“Fog, mist, snow, powerfully pictorial skyscapes: all of these elements, independently or combined, make the major issue(s) ”recede” for a instant, allowing the mood and the atmosphere turn into the main and most speedy attributes of every single shot. There’s a bizarre, potent emotion of comfort and ease, bliss, and uneasiness when you stand right in the center of a foggy nowhere, or in entrance of a frighteningly silent stormy sky. The abstraction and decontextualization of spots and things make them glance even more anonymous, unknown, and generic than they would be in apparent perspective, to the issue of achieving a hazy, surreal lack of visible references. You feel to physically working experience a experience of suspension and estrangement every little thing appears to be like unfamiliar and dreamlike. And just as in a daydream (for this reason the title), conscience and unconscious fulfill and combine up.”

Finalist – Jack Lawson – “The Special Eagles, Lagos, Nigeria”

“4 associates of “The Special Eagles”, Nigeria’s amputee soccer team, walk in the direction of the sea on the seashore outside the house Lagos.”

Finalist – Jonathan Moller – “Juan and María’s wedding, Guatemala, 1993”

“Part of an 8-yr undertaking in Guatemala ensuing in my initially reserve, Our Lifestyle is Our Resistance: Repression, Refuge and Healing in Guatemala, and quite a few exhibitions and public talks meant to inform the tale of the generally indigenous-Mayan Guatemalans that had been uprooted and killed all through that country’s extensive and brutal civil war.”

Finalist – Samantha Schwann – “Future, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico”

“Mako shark populations fell to endangered position in 2019, in section due to an error calculating the age of sexual maturity on which fishing thresholds were based. New science indicates this age be 19-21 a long time, as a substitute of 4-6 yrs as earlier considered. Even with entire protection, it is expected that populations will go on to decline right up until 2035 as present populations arrive at maturity. This woman, presumed to be expecting, was photographed in Cabo San Lucas, one particular of the only regarded reproductive locations for mako sharks.”

Finalist – Chloe Meynier – Quiet Breakfast from the sequence “Made in The Shade”

“Through a mise-en-scene self-portraiture series, “Made in The Shade” depicts characters in Mid Century Modern configurations, mirroring an period that was aspiring for improve. Despite this societal urge to generate a new modern lifestyle, women promptly shed their independence obtained throughout the war interval and returned to domesticated environments to fulfill many years of gender position traditions. The meticulously staged scenes attempt to obstacle woman stereotypes. The sequence provides a powerful lens through which the viewer contemplates these ladies in a non-objectified way and reconfigures their essence. The absence of context provides these characters the electric power to be architects, researchers, musicians, engineers, physicians, etcetera. roles frequently identified as being fulfilled by men.”

Finalist – Laura Pannack – “Baruch, Israel”

“At the age of 16, Baruch selected to go away his Orthodox Jewish local community and to study at college. The remarkable and tough conclusion pressured him to concern his identification and foreseeable future. Einstein mentioned, “The important detail is to not prevent questioning. Curiosity has its possess explanation for current.” The task explores how we opt for our paths in everyday living and queries how significantly handle we have to improve who we will become.”

Finalist – Soo Burnell – “Swim Group at Portobello, London, England”

“I wanted to photograph Edinburgh’s swimming baths to exhibit the splendor of the architecture while minimizing all of the modern aspects. I love the geometry of the tiles, the strains on the bottom of the pool, and the typography like the ‘Deep End’ signals. Due to the fact my 1st poolside exhibition previous year I have travelled to London, Paris, Manchester and Glasgow to incorporate to my collection. I have been really motivated by the thought of owning a a little quirky Wes Anderson experience to them, specifically with the pastel color palette, and with the swimmers including each a human factor to every scene alongside with a dreamlike quality.”

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