Winning Images Of The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

Lunettes: Landscape By Callie Chee

Listed here are the winners and finalists of the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Yr 2021 levels of competition. The South Australian Museum declared the success. Over 2,200 visuals have been submitted from photographers about the country. An picture of a leafy seadragon hiding in shallow reefs situated in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, was declared the Over-all Winner.

Much more: SA Museum, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Leafy night: Animal Portrait, General Winner By Scott Portelli

Forest Dragon: Animal Portrait By Isaac Wishart

Higher than The Darkness: Landscape By William Patino

Stilted Reflections: Animal Habitat Runner-Up By Georgina Steytler

Night-gentle: Animal Habitat By Isaac Wishart

Symptoms of recovery: Botanical By Douglas Gimesy

Declining species: Threatened Species Winner By Scott Portelli

Hen on a Wire: Botanical By Raoul Slater

Swamp Insider secrets: Botanical Runner-Up By Paula McManus

Checking me out: Animal Portrait By Alex Pike

Hidden Dotterel: Junior By Robert Irwin

Solitary-use Drifter: Our Impact Runner-Up By Justin Gilligan

Southern Royal Albatross: Threatened Species By Gillianne Tedder

Incoming: Monochrome Winner By Jeff Freestone

Greater With each other: Animal Conduct By Charles Davis

Beneath the Area: Landscape Runner-Up By Ashlee Karas

Moon Rise: Landscape By William Patino

Turtle Tracks: Animal Behaviour By Brett Monroe Garner

Outback mirage: Animal Habitat By Christian Spencer

The Turtle Vortex: Threatened Species By Jordan Robins

Dance at Dawn: Animal Conduct By Michael Eastwell

Rufous Fantail: Animal Portrait By Matt Oliver

Bioluminescent Shores: Landscape By Jordan Robins

Life on the Edge: Threatened Species By Richard Robinson

Symbiosis: Animal Conduct By Kevin De Vree

Osprey Fishing: Animal Behaviour By John Van-Den-Broeke

Equilibrium: Landscape, Portfolio Prize Winner By Tim Wrate

A tree dreaming: Animal Habitat Winner By Christian Spencer

Tohorā: Our Impact By Richard Robinson

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