Wonjun Jeong Captures Conversations In The Sky

Graphic designer and photographer Wonjun Jeong is one half of Seoul-based collective Sailors Studio. In a recent photographic series entitled ‘Conversation’, he explores the way an acquaintance can appear as a visage.

The project is conceptually rooted in the thoughts of French Philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, particularly his theories of ‘the Other’. Levinas considered this to be an unknowable entity–a visage, completely dissimilar to oneself and impossible to bring into comparison. In ‘Conversation’, Wonjun Jeong visually interprets this idea, projecting the image of a face onto a cloth thrown aimlessly into the air of dawn and dusk skies. Cast onto unsubstantial lightweight material, the projection emerges as the Other. It is this materialisation of the visage that signifies a conversation with the Other, gesturing the emergence of a passage to transcend from the enclosed inner self to the outer world. Capturing the performative element of ‘Conversation’ through photography not only preserves an ephemeral moment, it signifies the meeting of two worlds and finding oneself in the process.

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