Yesul Jang’s Design Response To Shrinking Living Spaces

As urban centers grow ever more crowded, spacious homes seem increasingly hard to find. In response to this, Yesul Jang has designed ‘Tiny Home Bed’, a bed that doubles as a storage unit for people feeling the squeeze of smaller living spaces.

The ‘Tiny Home Bed’ combines two of the larger bedroom elements—the bed and storage—in one convenient package. Comprising a raised single bed, with hidden shelving below the mattress, this piece of furniture is light, easy to ship and simple to construct. Jang designed the unit in response to the current climate in urban spaces: “Today the number of people living in small dwellings is increasing due to limited housing capacity in urban spaces”, she explains. “I have focused my project on the development of a storage bed for compact living.”

All images © Yesul Jang

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