Zermani e Associati’s Dignified Temple And Crematorium Outside Of Parma, Italy

The complex is composed entirely of brown bricks, providing an austere material palette, and taking the form of a large rectangle that is centered around a manicured lawn. The cemetery and temple space, entitled the ‘Hall of Farewell’, are placed on one side, while the crematorium is located across the lawn on the opposing side. Both the choice of materials and detailing were an important factor in achieving the placid mood of the cemetery. Inside the Hall of Farewell, an imposing double-height ceiling is held up by large columns, and lit by just a few ceiling lights—the skylight is the predominant source of light, which was designed by the architects to be a zenith. In a literal sense, the word zenith is defined as the highest point vertically above a given position or person, and in a metaphorical sense, it describes the highest point reached in the heavens by a celestial body; an appropriate sentiment given the context of the building. The minimal series of images below were taken by Italian photographer Fabio Bascetta.

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