Zico O’Neill’s Pastel Hued World

Shooting in brilliant color, New Zealander photographer Zico O’Neill opens a window to a world of sublime landscapes and beautiful people across India and the Middle East.

The photographer left his home in Auckland back in 2010 to see the world and hone his photographic practice. He has spent the past five years traveling across the Middle East and India, creating delicate images of the people and landscapes he comes across. His photographs combine portraiture with extraordinary images of surreal landscapes: vibrant villages, colored Mosques, whitewashed mountains and immense desert planes. The panoramic landscapes of O’Neill’s images provide an insight into a world where man and nature coexist: young boys ride camels in the desert and tourists pause to admire the surrounding mountains. A range of individuals, from mother and child, to trios of men to lone wanderers in the desert become the subject of his portraits. O’Neill’s sense of wanderlust emanates from his photographs, allowing him to capture in a unique manner, the collision between metropolitan progression and mystic pasts.

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