10+ Cool Candles That Illuminate Your Home in Bright Style

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A candle is one of the easiest ways to add ambiance to your home. But just because they cast a soft glow in your living room, it doesn’t hide the fact that they can look a bit banal. Luckily, there have been some clever candle developments over the past several years and otherwise ordinary balls of wax have been shaped into statement-making pieces for your home.

The Kisa Candle by PyroPet was one of the first cool candles to usher in this new era of illumination. When you begin to burn this candle, it seems as though it’s a solid wax creature. But as it melts, a metal skeleton is slowly revealed. Once the candle is completely spent, you have the skeleton as a peculiar keepsake.

There have since been other candles that are quirkier than average, like a unicorn that cries rainbows or even one that smells like old books. So, why settle for your average tea light? Check out some of our picks for unusual candles, below.

In the market for cool candles? Here’s a selection that’s quirkier than your average tea light.


Succulent Cactus Candles

Novelty Candle

Tinkertory | $9.95


Victory Hand Candle

Cool Candles

/neim/ | $70


Hatching Dinosaur Candle

Cool Candles

Firebox | $38.39


Full Moon Candle


Origami Shaped Floating Candles

Novelty Candle

Mahal Kita | $10.60


Hidden Pearl Mermaid Candle

Novelty Candle

Firebox | $15.39


White Tea Flora Candle

Novelty Candle

Zoet Studio | $18.92


Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle

Cool Candles

Firebox | $20.49


Froot Loops Scented Candle


Rocky Mountain Candle


Kisa Candle

Novelty Candle

PyroPet | $34


Old Books Candle


Crying Unicorn Candle

Cool Candles

Firebox | $25.59


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