10+ Creative Products to Bring Your Organization Ideas to Life

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If cleanliness is next to godliness, then organization must be close behind. Staying organized offers more than just a tidy office or living room; it saves you valuable time looking for things because you’ll always know where to find them. But if aesthetics are of concern, have no fear—there are plenty of stylish ways to arrange your home and by extension, your life.

Creatives from around the world have rethought items of organization and transformed them to be sleek or even playful. So, get rid of that boring desk caddy; try designer Clive Roddy’s Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy instead. His series of cups will not only keep your pens in place, but they’re likely to conjure memories from grade school by resembling the graphite shavings that come from a hand sharpener.

Not everything, however, has to be as whimsical as Roddy’s designs. Some forms of organization use minimalism to make a big statement. The decorative wall hooks from Loop Design Studio will keep your purse and coat off the floor while adding a hint of color and touch of modernity to your entryway.

Itching for additional organization ideas? Check out some of our favorite space savers, desk organizers, and more below.


Get your office, whether it’s home or at work, on point…


Cork Cactus Office Memo Holder

Stylish Organization Ideas

Suck UK | $12.91

Fox Wood Cover Journal

Desk Organizer

Cardtorial | $29.00


Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy

Desk Organizer

Clive Roddy | $38.00


Felt Desk Mat

Stylish Organization Ideas

Woolly Clouds | $27.50

Blok Lamp (doubles as a planter)

Desk Organizer

Kikkerland | $30.00


Bring some organization zen to your living or bedroom…


Triangle Print Storage Basket

Stylish Organization Ideas

VLiving | $5.00+


White Wall Hooks


Big Triangle Peg Board

Stylish Organization Ideas

Little Anna | $118.66+


Wooden Minimalist Geometric Stand/Dock for iPhone

Stylish Organization Ideas

Minimum Design | $29.97


… and don’t forget the bathroom and kitchen!


Lotus Cotton Swab Holder

Desk Organizer

MelonBoat | $7.99


Sponge Brush Holder

Stylish Organization Ideas

Scarlett Wares | $28.00


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