15 Creative Products of August by Cutting Edge Artists, Designers, and Makers

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Every month, makers from across the world are producing new and exciting products. From ceramic mugs that are bursting with crystals to terrarium lamp bases, there are no limits to the creativity of things we find. In addition to sharing some of them on My Modern Met, we also feature an ever-growing collection of incredible objects through our companion site, My Modern Met Selects.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular creative design products that appeared on Selects in August. Decals were a recurring—yet unintended—motif throughout the month. These adhesives go beyond your typical sticker sheet and can be put on your walls, laptop, or even your stairs. They offer a stylish way to personalize your space and accessories, fully expressing who you are. And don’t worry—all of our selections are removable should you change your mind. This is great news for renters!

Now that August has come and gone, check out 15 creative goods from the month. Afterwards, make sure you follow My Modern Met Selects to see what inspires us throughout September!

Scroll down to see 15 of the most creative design products from August!

Best Creative Design Products

Agate MacBook Laptop Skin
by Lauren By Design | $23.00

Best Creative Design Products

Ocean Drop Aquarelle Painting
by JJillus Fine Art | $28.25

Best Creative Design Products

Gold Heart Wedding Rings
by CADI Jewelry | $1,280.00

Best Creative Products

Statement Cityscape Rings
by Ola Shekhtman | $99.00

Best Creative Design Products

Hand Embroidered Pendants
by Itty Bitty Bunnies | $27.20

Best Creative Products

Handpainted Mugs
by The Quirky Cup Collective | $56.41

Best Creative Design Products

Oversized Lotus Lamp
by Fiore di Luce | $283.08

Best Creative Products

Licki Brush
by Firebox | $32.49

Best Creative Design Products

Removable Wallpaper
by Kate Zaremba | $36.00

Best Creative Design Products

Gravity Backpack
by Tobe Fonseca | $69.00

Best Creative Design Products

Wildlife-Inspired Jewelry
by Son Drevo Jewelry | $41.40+

Best Creative Design Products

Red Fox Painting on Wood Slice
by Magic Wood Creations | $43.08

Best Creative Design Products

Seashell Trinket Dishes
by Rtistmary | $27.00

Best Creative Design Products

Dog-Shaped Planters
by Cuteforyou | $7.59

Best Creative Products

Removable Stair Decals
by Stickers Coloray | $12.00

Be sure to follow My Modern Met Selects, your creative product source, all month long!

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