15 Hanging Succulent Planters to Turn Your Walls Into Vertical Gardens

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Having plants in your home is always in style, but they’ve become even more en vogue over the past few years. Many folks are now looking to maximize the amount of green in their living space, making it just shy of a forest. And who could blame them? Having plants in your home not only helps air quality, but it literally brings a bit of life among your static furniture.

If you lack the square footage necessary to have a ton of plants, there’s always a solution—look to your walls! Succulents are well suited for this type of placement because they grow slowly and can go a while between waterings. So, you don’t have to have a super green thumb to keep these plants alive, nor do you have to be very crafty. Many makers have created stylish hanging succulent planters that allow you to insert your favorite variety of jade, echeveria, and more. When complete, the result is a beautiful array of green colors and textures that’s a statement piece in any room.

Here are some of our favorite hanging succulent planters. Some resemble picture frames while others are in the shape of letters. Depending on your aesthetic and wall space, you’re sure to find something that brings you a little closer to an indoor jungle.

Want more plants but don’t have room? Look at your walls and create a vertical garden!

10” Hexagon Vertical Garden

Hanging Succulents

Succulent Wonderland | $95.00 (comes already planted)


There are special hanging succulent planters that allow you to fill them with a variety of fleshy greens.

Heart-Shaped Succulent Picture Frame Planter


You don’t have to have be crafty, either—many makers from around the world create these succulent wall hangings. All you need to do is add the plants.

Hanging Wall Planter


Wall Mounted Rectangular Planter Box

Hanging Succulents

Fabian Woodworks | $111.61


Cat Succulent Vertical Garden

Hanging Succulents

Lolivia Gifts | $450.00


Drop Terrarium


Succulent Wall Planter

Hanging Succulent Garden

Plant Your Vibe | $69.00


12” x 12” Living Wall Succulent Planter


Geometric Vertical Garden Planter


Living Wall Planter

Succulent Wall Hanging

Edelwhite | $29.95


Vertical Planter Succulent Wall Planter


Geometric Succulent Planter


Oak Tree Succulent

Hanging Succulents

Lolivia Gifts | $450.00


7-Foot Tall Vertical Garden

Hanging Succulent Planter

Osvert | $1,500.00


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