15+ Modern Planters Blooming With Hand-Crafted Personality

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Now that you can get live plants delivered to your door, it’s easier than ever to turn your home into an indoor jungle. But if you’re someone still on that quest, you’re going to need vessels to store all those plants. Placing your baby botanicals in a terracotta pot is one option, but over the last several years, the market has exploded with modern planters from small makers. Often handcrafted, they offer practicality and artistry. When you display a plant in one, you’re not only adding a bit of healthy green to your home but a work of art, too.

Depending on your style, there are many options to choose from when you buy a ceramic planter. Both The Object Enthusiastic and Convivial Production are great for neutral-yet-stylish selections. Their white (or mostly white) ceramics speak to a minimalist aesthetic with geometric-inspired, low poly shapes.

If you’re looking for something quirkier, take a look at the ceramics of Group Partner. The studio was created by Isaac Nichols, and his work “deals with positive body image, sexuality, and a love for plants.” His planters—which are perfect for a four-inch plant–feature, among other things, vessels “wearing” tank tops of various colorful patterns.

Once you’ve got your indoor plant game on point, make sure you show off your green thumb with a necklace from Wearable Planter. It’s perfect for a small flower or succulent clipping that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Terracotta planters aren’t your only option for housing your favorite botanicals. Check out these stylish and playful modern planters created by small makers.

Ginger Scarlett

Ceramic Planters

Kinska | $265.58


Han & Barb

Modern Planters

Potting Around | $58.11


Nimerah Tiger

Modern Planters

Things by Bea | $75.04


Natural Balance

Modern Planters

Studio Lorier | $68.57


Spotty Brown Bear Planter

Modern Planters

Jo Lucksted | $48.02


Light Confetti Top

Modern Planters

Group Partner | $65.00


Sherbet / Grape Planter

Ceramic Planters

Brian Giniewski | $100.00


Neko Atsume Planter

Modern Planters

The Yarn Kitchen | $25.00 (each)


Medium Concrete Vessel

Modern Planters

Fox & Ramona | $34.81


Francie Kitty Vessel

Modern Planters

Bonnie Hislop | $29.78

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