15+ String Art Kits That Will Have You Creating Colorful Decorative Art

String Art Kits

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There are more ways to draw than just with a pen or pencil. A piece of string can mimic a line drawing to create artwork that looks like an energetic pen sketch. But string art has qualities that take it beyond a drawing; it has a tactile, three-dimensional feel that you can’t help but want to reach out and touch.

So, what is string art, exactly? The craft can vary but typically it uses yarn, wood, and nails to create a design. The nails are hammered into certain arrangements on the wood and then the string is used to connect the “dots” and fill in the image. By continuously wrapping the string around the nails in different directions and configurations, it creates visual depth and brings the image to life.

Winding the fiber around the nails makes this activity easy to do for both kids and adults; string art kits have become a very popular activity for this reason. Makers have created all-inclusive kits that (often) feature the nails pre-hammered into the wood, which leaves you free to fill out the design with the string. When you’re done, it makes a great addition to your wall or as a gift.

From flowers to rainbows to the moon and stars, you’re sure to find a design that you love. Scroll down to see some of our favorite string art kits and downloadable patterns.

Want to create string art? Try one of these colorful, all-inclusive kits and patterns.


Sunflower Kit


Bicycle Kit


Three Cacti Kit

Cacti String Art

This N That | $35


Lavender Kit


Rainbow Kit


Potted Succulent Kit


Mountain Kit

Mountain String Art Kit

Steens Strings | $22.52


Hot Air Balloon Kit


Shark and Jellyfish Kits

Ocean Art Kit

MA Art Co. | $12+ (each)


Puppy Kit


Snowflake Kit


Hummingbird Kit


Monstera Leaf Kit


Potted Cactus Kit


Star and Moon Template


Harry Potter Pattern

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