15+ Vintage Camper Van Remodels That Will Inspire You To Hit the Road

When it comes to seeing the world, everyone is different. Some folks want to take in the sights by train while others prefer to board a plane to experience new locales. Then, there are people who make travel not just a once (or twice) a year activity, but a cultivated lifestyle. Through mobile living, their home can be anywhere and can change whenever they like. A vintage Airstream trailer is a popular choice for this lifestyle, but these often require some work in order to be comfortable enough for everyday living. But, this isn’t a bad thing; rather, a camper remodel is the perfect opportunity to customize a small space in a fresh way.

It seems that there’s no shortage of camper remodel ideas. Some of our favorite overhauls make these tiny homes feel much larger than they actually are by utilizing white walls and decor—this creates the illusion of airiness and openness. It also evokes a sense of tranquility and calm once inside. Here, the trailer is truly a getaway.

Of course, not everyone goes for this pristine aesthetic. Those that have kids or like to get their hands dirty often opt for a rustic interior that combines cozy wool, soft grays, and reclaimed wood paneling to construct the look of a tiny home cabin. But regardless of the decor, a successful camper remodel achieves the same goal—offering the comforts of a conventional home in a nomadic situation.

Check out these camper remodel ideas that’ll inspire you to hit the road on your own epic trip!

DIY Camper Remodel

Photo: My Domaine

DIY Camper Remodel

Photo: StyleRoom

Vintage Camper Remodel Ideas

Photo: Zevy Joy

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