16 Creative Products of the Month by Cutting Edge Artists, Designers, and Makers

most creative goods

Reclaimed Wood Glass Terrarium
by LeadHead Glass | $240.00

The great thing about the internet is that it’s a seemingly endless trove of products. Whatever your heart desires, you can probably find it on the web. But, this could be a curse as much as it is a blessing—there are too many awesome things to choose from! Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our companion site My Modern Met Selects. On it, we share the most creative goods from independent makers around the world.

Many of our picks for March celebrate the natural world. From colorful fish bags that help organize your luggage to real moss wall hangings, these nature-inspired products make our everyday life brighter. And, you think so too. One of our most popular product finds this past month were a series of stunning terrariums. The elegant creations by LeadHead Glass are made with reclaimed glass and wood. Their materials were once on abandoned homes, and now, they’re a haven for your favorite plants.

Check out 16 of our favorite creative goods from March. Once you’ve done that, make sure to follow My Modern Met Selects to see what we’re admiring all month long.

creative goods

Koinobori Travel Laundry Bag
by DOIY | $28.44

creative goods

Real Moss Wall Hanging
by Planted Design | $120.00+

creative goods

Salad Fascinator Hat
by Maor Zabar | $430.00

small makers

Mid Century Modern Cat Litter Box Furniture
by The Modernist Cat | $635.00

cutting edge designers

Real Rose Bush Flower Necklace
by Ural Nature | $38.00

most creative products

Amethyst Crystal Mug
by Essarai Ceramics | $40.00

most creative products

cutting edge designers

Geometrical Cardboard Vase
by Snug.Studio | $17.70

small makers

You and Me Wood Puzzle Card
by Cardtorial | $14.00

creative goods

Copper Birdcage Light Chandelier
by Kekoni | $150.21

creative goods

Stacked Triangle Shelf
by Dark Marquee Designs | $90.00

creative products

“Mugtails” Ceramic Cups
by Kinto | $14.95

creative gift ideas

Zodiac Jewelry with Customized Star or Moon Charm
by Olive Bella | $35.00

playful creative goods

Fuzzy Llama Duster
by Firebox | $16.19

cutting edge designers

Handcarved Wooded Hairfork
by Free in Tree | $70.00

creative gift ideas

Nightlight Crystal Lamp
by Shroom in the Room | $169.00

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