18 Cute and Creative Back to School Supplies to Let Your Personal Style Shine

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Ready for back to school shopping? As summer creeps to a close and the school year begins, there are endless supplies to stock up on. If you (or your child) want to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality, there are plenty of cute school supplies for all ages.

Some back to school trends include items with an eco-twist, such as notebooks made from recycled waste paper or reusable lunch bags that put less trash into the environment. Other items help you give to a good cause while picking up a back to school backpack. For instance, STATE Bags donates one fully-stocked bag to a local child in need for every backpack purchased.

If you or your kid is an animal lover, MUNI creates adorable animal backpacks that are also waterproof. The fox is our personal favorite, but you can select from animals like giraffes, bears, badgers, and bunnies. If your child feels too old for an animal backpack, Ivory Ella‘s reusable water bottle helps your favorite student stay hydrated, while helping save elephants. Ten percent of the company’s profits go back to organizations that help combat elephant poaching.

To help you express your style while sitting in the classroom, check out our back to school shopping list.


Fox Backpack

Back to school backpacks

MUNI | $51.00


Rainbow Pencils

Cute Back to School Supplies

Duncan Shotton | $15.00 (5-pack)


Rose Gold Wireless Headphones

Back to School Shopping

Beats | $197.00


Pride and Prejudice Book Clutch

Cute Back to School Fashion

Bagatelle Studio | $78.00


Foil-Stamped Notebooks

Cute Back to School Supplies

Katharine Watson | $12.95 (2 pack)


Lorimer Nylon Backpack in Cream Stripe

Back to school backpacks

STATE Bags | $90.00


Arrows & Feathers Sticky Note Set

Cute Back to School Supplies

Galison | $10.99


Flower Color Pencils

Cute Back to School Supplies

Trinus | $21.00 (set of 5)


Reusable, Insulated Lunch Bag

Reusable Lunch Bags

HOMESPON | $13.99


Unicorn Stainless Water Bottle

Back to School Shopping

Ivory Ella | $28.00


Geometric Laptop Sleeve

Back to School Shopping

Bodhi Rays | $35.00


Cable Bites

Back to School Shopping

Firebox | $9.09


Color Blending Dual-Nibbed Markers


Back to School Shopping

Chameleon Pens | $79.99 (22-pen set)


Ruled Everglades Decomposition Notebook


Carp Fish Pencil Pouch

Cute Back to School Supplies

Don Fisher | $19.95


Wicked Witch Bookmark

Cute Back to School Supplies

MyBookmark | $25.00


Frida Kahlo Carry-All Pouch

Back to School Shopping

Vitor7Costa | from $15.99


Fox Wood Cover Journal

Cute Back to School Supplies

Cardtorial | $29.00


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