20+ Edible Flower Cakes to Enjoy the Beautiful Sight and Taste of Real Blooms

The inherent beauty of flowers makes them an ideal choice for decorations on a cake. And just like the blossoms themselves, the approaches to adornment vary. Some bakers construct sweet buttercream florals that are extensions of icing, while other folks prefer the real thing.  But the problem? Not all flowers are edible. So, after snapping a photo of the gorgeous embellishment, you’ve got to remove all of that carefully-crafted arrangement. For those that want to have their cake and eat it too, there’s a gorgeously delicious alternative: edible flower cakes.

As evidenced by these stunning desserts, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to decorating with edible flowers. Peonies, lilacs, and hibiscus are just a few of the blooms that can be used to bring a pop of color to spongy layers or bundt cakes. Often, these are arranged as small bouquets that line the top and trail along the side of the dessert. To enhance the texture and flavors of the decoration, cookies and candies are also incorporated among the blossoms. But, even simply pressing their petals into the icing can create an elegant appearance that has the look of a painting.

If you’re looking to include edible flower cakes in your next gathering—or even in a wedding cake—they’re easier to find ingredients for than you might think. Amazon has a variety of blooms available, along with all the cake decorating supplies you could ever want.

Edible flower cakes let you enjoy beautiful blooms in sight and taste.

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