20+ Spine Tattoos Highlighting the Powerful Beauty of the Vertebrae

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As body art continues to become the norm, people everywhere are experimenting with subject matter and tattoo placement. Before tattoos hit the mainstream, sailors and prisoners were the folks most likely to display permanently inked designs. Nowadays, everyone and their mother (really) are rocking imagery of all kinds, all over their bodies—even somewhere as delicate as the spine.

A tattoo on the spine lends itself to elongated designs. They don’t have to be complicated, but body art that spans the length of the back showcases the power and elegance of the spine itself. Russian tattoo artist Pis Saro is one of the masters of this approach. She has inked many beautiful flowers on her clients’ backs; they feature a colorful bloom at the base of the neck and thin stems that trail atop the vertebrae below. The results are subtle yet eye-catching, and even a little alluring as it’s mostly concealed by clothing.

If you’re considering a spine tattoo, we’ve found beautiful inspiration for this unique placement. Check out some of our favorites below.

Spine tattoos look gorgeous as they trail down wearers’ backs. Here are some inspiring designs:

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