20+ Stunning Nature Tunnels That Are Like Walking Through a Fairy Tale

Nature has an incredible way of making us feel like we’re living in a fairy tale. Whether it’s cloaking the landscape in a blanket of fog or wowing us with a rainbow of colors, one thing is clear: the Earth is a magical place. And what better way to make believe that you’re living in a story book than with picturesque nature tunnels? These unique passageways feature a bevy of flowers and tall trees that curve inward and surround your path with beautiful blooms, glistening green leaves, and knotty branches that seemingly have a mind of their own.

These spectacular nature tunnels exist all around the world. In the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan, you’ll find the astonishing beauty of a wisteria tree as it lines a path in brilliant blues, magenta, and yellows. Travel across the globe, however, and you’ll see a much different type of passageway in Charleston, South Carolina. This one is made of live oak branches that bend over and onto the ground to create a grand arch. Relatively spare in their vegetation, the network of limbs conjures an eerie feeling—like we’ve reached the suspenseful part of a fascinating novel.

Take a trip around the world to check out breathtaking nature tunnels. Where will you go first?

wisteria tree tunnel

Kawachi Fuji Gardren, Japan
Photo credit: @itssaho

nature tunnel photo

Photo credit: Roksana Bashyrova

nature tunnel photo

Photo credit: Dangdumrong /

tunnel of love

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
Photo credit: Sergey Miroshnik / Shutterstock

nature photography

Canary Islands, Spain
Photo credit: Anna Lurye /

wisteria tree tunnel

Kawachi Fujien, Japan
Photo credit: Sky

nature photography

Kyoto, Japan
Photo credit: Leslie Taylor

tree tunnel photo

Yakushima, Japan
Photo credit: Wada /

autumn tree tunnel

Photo credit: Anthony Melendrez

forest tunnel

Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Photo credit: Dave Allen Photography /

wisteria tree tunnel

Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan
Photo credit: @samsonite_au

mysterious tree tunnel

Cypress Tree Tunnel, California, USA
Photo credit: Zeek Yan

flower tunnel

Beverly Hills, California, USA
Photo credit: @simonevankempen

tree tunnel photo

Hong Kong
Photo credit: @lulu.jump

mysterious tree tunnel

Illumination Alley, Louisiana
Photo credit: Exploring light

cherry blossom flower tunnel photo

Photo credit: Kristian D. Hansen

nature tunnel

Tilberg, Netherlands
Photo credit: @just_thorne

tree tunnel photo

California, USA
Photo credit: @rocketshipwrecked

tree tunnel photo

Brugge, Belgium
Photo credit: Jack Kan

mysterious tree tunnel

Tokyo, Japan
Photo credit: Mrhayata

mysterious tree tunnel

The Dark Hedges, Ireland
Photo credit: Chris Tait

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