20+ Tiny Finger Tattoos With Big Senses of Style


Finger Tattoos

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If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo but want to go for something small and subtle, finger tattoos are the perfect option. Whether it’s a discreet symbol hidden on your inner finger or a special initial in place of a ring, these tiny tattoos are an understated way to express your personal style.

Finger tattoos first gained popularity among 18th century sailors who would have tattooed their knuckles with the words “HOLD” on one hand and “FAST” on the other. This was intended as a reminder to mariners to have courage when facing stormy seas. Providing the perfect canvas for equally-spaced lettering, knuckle tattoos were later adopted by the likes of American actor Robert Mitchum who popularized the iconic “LOVE HATE” tattoo in the The Night of the Hunter film.

Today, tattoo artists and body art enthusiasts continue to take inspiration from traditional designs, but often add a modern twist. While some prefer to adorn their digits with bold symbols and even tiny portraits, others opt for a more minimalist style. These cute little tattoos range from elegant dots, hearts, and flowers, to permanent wedding rings and matching friendship motifs. Check out some our of favorites below.

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Thinking of getting a tiny tattoo? Here’s some inspiring finger tattoo ideas.

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