20+ Unbelievable Photorealistic Portraits Drawn with a Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen—we’ve all owned one at some point in our lives. Whether a Bic or another type of biro pen, this tool for writing is transformed into something magical in the hands of the right artist. Ballpoint pen art has become its own niche genre, with many biro artists focusing on hyper-realistic portraits of celebrities and models.

Artists range from Juan Francisco Casas, who has made a name for himself in the contemporary art world with his pen drawings of sexy women, to Samuel Silva, who caused disbelief with his colorful photorealistic pen portraits. Some artists even create a name for themselves on YouTube, where they publish time-lapses and tutorials to show off their skills.

Yet, even within the genre, styles vary. Some artists prefer a cross-hatching technique, while others show that continuous line drawings can produce startling results. The common denominator in all is their ability to produce work with striking emotional impact.

From self-taught artists to expert illustrators, these masters of ballpoint pen art all prove that you don’t need expensive equipment to make a big splash in the art world.

Whether of celebrities or models, these Bic pen artists create dazzling, photorealistic portraits with a simple ballpoint pen.

If you think art with a ballpoint pen can only be in black or blue, think again. Samuel Silva used six colored ballpoint pens for this hyper-realistic portrait.

Bonus: Check out these videos that show some of the artists creating their ballpoint pen art.

All images via the artists.

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