25+ Pieces of Science Jewelry Celebrating the Wonders of the Universe

Science is a constant source of wonder as it helps us better understand our world, our universe, and ourselves. Without a passion for the field, the human race wouldn’t have gotten very far—so why not celebrate the Earth, Moon, and beyond? Creative science jewelry offers a subtle and stylish way to do just that. Through the likes of necklaces and earrings, you can honor this expansive field. Although space is an overwhelmingly popular subject, there’s plenty of accessories that pay homage to chemistry and biology, too.

Some of our favorite pieces let science do the talking. Etsy shop BeautySpot, for instance, has created a gorgeous, statement-making necklace that uses real hi-res photos of the Milky Way in its colorful pendants. As they hang from an antique brass chain, the amazing ethereal swirls are front and center. Their striking details are sure to add pizzazz to your everyday outfits.

Other jewelry incorporate science into the heart of their designs. The Solar Spectrum necklace by Boutique Academia is one that conceals a colorful secret within. When it’s worn, it looks like a silver pendant with a dark interior. But once it’s held up to the light, you see a rainbow whose colors are separated with tiny black lines—they represent the chemical makeup of our sun!

Why not show science some love with creative jewelry?

science jewelry

Solar System Necklace by BeautySpot

science jewelry for sale

DNA Ring by Deja Jewelry

science jewelry chemsitry

Dendrite Brooch by Nervous System

gift ideas for science lovers

Fibonacci Necklace by somersault18:24

gifts for science lovers

Microscope Necklace by Boutique Academia

science jewelry for sale solar spectrum translucent locket

Solar Spectrum Necklace by Boutique Academia

creative gift for science students

Corollaria Necklace by Nervous System

science jewelry etsy

Anatomical Heart Necklace by Boutique Academia

science jewelry etsy

Galaxy Resin Ring by SerasBeach

gifts for science lovers

Molecule Necklace by Rosa Vila Boutique

lunar orbit earrings gifts for science lovers

Lunar Orbit Earrings by ThinkGeek

gifts for science lovers

Neuron Necklace by Delftia

gift ideas for science lovers

Jupiter Stud Earrings by Age Of Akuarius

gift ideas for science lovers

Moon Phase Necklace by SciChic

science jewelry etsy

Fossil Necklace by Bijoux Malou

science jewelry

Space Glass by Satoshi Tomizu

science jewelry etsy

Moss Specimen Necklace by Moss of the Woods

science jewelry

Solar Orbit Necklace by ThinkGeek

gifts for science lovers

Heartbeat Necklace by Boutique Academia

science jewelry for sale

Flask Ring by Martha Ponce de Leon

If you’re looking for science jewelry to specifically celebrate Mother Nature, we’ve also got a list of 23 wearables inspired by Earth’s natural wonders.

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