30+ Creative Infographics to Keep Your Mind Active and Entertained

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Infographics are fun, creative ways to visualize all types of information. By displaying information in colorful, graphic charts, designers are changing the way we view data. Whether its laying out U.S. policy on maternity leave or teaching the Dothraki language to Game of Thrones fans, there are educational, informative charts for everyone.

Also known as pictographs, there are a huge variety of styles in the infographic world. Some rely on custom illustrations accompanied by facts, others set out their data visualization with timelines and colorful flowcharts. We look inside the mind of Kanye West through an illustrated portrait and graphic fonts just as easy as we learn washing habits around the globe with carefully laid out diagrams.

With cool designs and high impact, its no wonder that this form of visual media has exploded over the past few years. Now, there are even websites and apps that help you make your own clever, cool infographic. Piktochart, Canva, and Venngage are just some sites that allow non-designers the possibility to get in on the action.

To get some inspiration, check out our curated list of over 30 cool infographics that won’t let you look at data the same way again.

Click each image for the full infographic in high resolution.

Here are over 30 cool infographics to visualize data in a creative way.

Beatles Analysis

Coffee Infographic

Game of Thrones Infographic

game of throne infographic phrase book

via Dorkly

Millennials Infographic – Media Consumption

Battle of the Bonds

Women in the Workplace

Data Visualization of Painters’ Lives

Lives of Painters Creative Art Infographic

via Accurat

How do colors affect purchases?

Missing Migrants Chart

Business Infographic: Negotiation Techniques

Which countries censor the internet?

Alliances at U.N. Climate Summit

What went wrong in Flint, Michigan?

Guide to bringing a dog home for the first time.

Literary Meals

Drought Infographic

Productivity Infographic: How to Focus

Garbage and Recycling Pictograph

Chart of Cosmic Exploration

Washing Habits Across the Globe

Inside the mind of Kanye West

How to break your creative block.

Funny tattoo infographic

Literary infographic: Moby Dick

Desk exercises for designers

Pathway to sustainable development

I’m cooler than you because…

Political Infographic

Political Party Election 2016 Infographics

via Neustar

Starbucks and McDonald’s Worldwide

How to cure jet lag

U.S. maternity leave and the rest of the world

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