7 Best Christmas Lights to Dress Up Your House This Holiday Season

Outdoor Christmas Lights

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As Christmas Day draws closer, many families will decorate their houses with colorful arrangements of lights that add a bit of whimsy to the winter season. And while this creative endeavor may come naturally to some people, others may find the variety of lighting options daunting to choose from. That is why we’ve curated a selection of the best outdoor Christmas lights to illuminate your home this holiday season.

Whether you’re a fan of bold rainbow lights, or prefer elegant white lights, or want the option to change the color scheme with a Bluetooth-enabled app, we’ve selected our favorites of each. But before you start your shopping, you might want to consider a few things. For instance, what kind of aesthetic are you looking for? Although there are a myriad of different lighting types available, the most common ones you’ll come across are string lights, which include several bulbs on one strand; rope lights, which include LED bulbs inside a clear tube; and icicle lights, which have several short strands that descend from one long strand. Each one will produce a different kind of effect on your house. Icicle lights, for example, are ideal for lining gutters and over windows, whereas string lights can easily wrap around columns and railings. Other things to keep in mind are the length of the Christmas lights you’re buying, and whether you need a few to fully cover your roof or porch.

Scroll down to start browsing our selection of the best outdoor Christmas lights.

Looking for a way to illuminate your house this holiday season? Then check out our picks for the best outdoor Christmas lights!


Rainbow Quick Clip Christmas Lights (16 ft)

Rainbow Quick Clip Christmas Lights

NOMA | $29.99


Multicolored String Lights With Bluetooth App (39 ft)

Multicolored String Lights

ELlight | $58.99


Warm White Rope Lights (33 ft)

Twinkle Star Rope Lights

Twinkle Star | $21.99


Warm White Icicle Lights (33 ft)

Warm White Icicle Lights

Y YUENGANG | $43.99


Multicolored Globe Lights With Remote (75 ft)

Multicolored Globe Lights

YINUO LIGHT | $20.99


Meteor Shower Lights (10.5 ft)

Purtemy Meteor Shower Lights

Purtuemy | $20.99


Snowflake Stake Lights (Set of 5)

Snowflake Stake Lights

Binmer | $17.99

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