8 Best Colored Pencil Sets for Coloring Book Enthusiasts and Professional Artists

Colored pencils are often associated with childhood, but with the adult coloring book craze, it’s clear that grown-ups like to use them, too. These tools, however, can do much more than color inside lines. Artists regularly use colored pencils in their drawings because they offer a range of possibilities—especially in their hues. While many professional sets include a bevy of beautiful colors, you can layer them to create even more dimension in your work.

Determining the best colored pencils can be a challenge. Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference, but to get you started on the right track, we’ve identified some of the best pencils to try. These brands are available to purchase online, so it’s easy to test out a few different pencils without breaking the bank. It’s important to find your favorites; by taking the time to hone your tools, you’ll make producing your art more enjoyable.

How can you tell the quality of colored pencils?

One of the most crucial aspects is, of course, the color. Professional or Artist grade supplies are generally higher quality than materials labeled as Student. In terms of colored pencils, this means they’ll deliver richer hues that are more vibrant once you put them to paper. Avoid dull or pale tones, as they’re lower quality with less pigment in the lead.

Another important characteristic is how well the pencil glides over the paper. The best colored pencils will seem to effortlessly move as you drag them across a surface. This is thanks to their ingredients. If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line pencils, go for something that’s oil based as opposed to wax-based. Hard wax, especially, can be brittle, which makes it harder to blend colors.

Best Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Pencils (set of 72)

Best Colored Pencils for Coloring Books

by Prismacolor | $34.78

Prismacolor Premier is considered by many to be ideal for beginners as well as the best colored pencils for coloring books. They’re a low price per pencil ($.50 when you buy this set of 150!) and are made of soft wax; they blend well with a buttery application. So, if you just bought your first coloring book, try out this set.


Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils (set of 24)

Best Colored Pencils for Coloring Books

by Staedtler | $16.76

Another set that’s great for beginners and casual coloring book fans is Staedtler Ergosoft; this 24-set of colors pencils have a soft core and display creamy colors. “You can layer colors easily and the set of 24 colors gives you enough variety for most projects,” one reviewer states. A non-slip grip will give you hours of coloring fun.


Ohuhu 72-Color Soft Core Colored Pencils (set of 72)

Professional Colored Pencils

by Ohuhu | $17.99

This professional-grade set of 72 pencils is marketed towards coloring book enthusiasts; with their soft core and variety of hues, Ohuhu is a fierce competitor to the Prismacolor Premier set.


Derwent Colorsoft Pencils (set of 24)

Best Colored Pencils for Artists

by Derwent | $22.64

Try the Derwent pencils if you’re looking to move beyond the beginner sets. Created with artists in mind, they have a more muted palette—including beautiful terracottas and cadmium. It’s recommended that you use these for work where there’s a lot of shading and blending, as they’re less adept at depicting fine, sharp details.


Caran D’ache Luminance Colored Pencil (set of 20)

Best Colored Pencils for Artists

by Caran D’ache | $54.95

The Caran D’ache colored pencils are known for their ability to blend. Many who start with the Prismacolor Premier enjoy the Caran D’ache because you can easily and beautifully burnish the hues. This is great news if you enjoy realistic drawing, because it will help develop three dimensional form.


Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencils (set of 120)

Best Colored Pencils for Artists

by Faber-Castell | $159.00

The oil-based Faber-Castell Polychromos colors are lauded for their rich pigments that easily go on the paper, and you don’t have to press as hard to achieve brilliant saturated tones. “My favorite quality of these pencils besides how they lay down beautiful rich color is they are named actual pigment names,” one reviewer writes, “So if you have ever painted, you’ll be familiar with these colors.”


LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils (set of 100)

Professional Colored Pencils

by LYRA | $173.50

With its price, the oil-based LYRA Rembrandts are probably in your “splurge” category, but this particular set is great for serious artists who love to draw. In addition to its 100 pencils, the kit comes with a kneadable eraser, paper wipers, a sandpaper block, sharpener, and knife. In addition to paper, you can also use these on synthetic materials, wood, and textiles.


Holbein Artist Colored Pencils (set of 150)

Best Colored Pencils for Artists

by Holbein | $305.32

The Holbein Artist pack of colored pencils is geared towards artists; it’s another set you’ll want to save for. The content of these pencils is unique, as their pigments are a combination of oils, waxes, and fats. This allows for a smooth application, although in reviews, they’re not seen as ideal for blending and burnishing. But, if you’re a painter looking to incorporate colored pencils drawing or sketching into your work, these could be the pencils for you!


Something to Keep in Mind as You Shop For Colored Pencils

If you have hesitation about spending money on this type of artistic tool, remember that they’re meant to last. “Colored pencils are different from the paints and markers we use because we typically have them a lot longer,” Cheryl Trowbridge of Teach Kids Art advises. “They don’t dry out like markers do, and they don’t get used up as fast as markers and paint do.”

How to Make the Most of Your Favorite Colored Pencils

Once you have your colored pencils—and found a brand you love—hone your skills with online classes! Craftsy offers many courses on how to use them. Why not try one of the following?

Most Importantly: Have Fun and Never Stop Creating!

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