8 Weeks Pregnant Pug Mix Stars in Own Floral Maternity Shoot

Dog Maternity Shoot Pregnant Dog Pug Mix

Thanks to social media, maternity shoots have nearly become a routine part of pregnancy. While many people may think that only humans pose for these pre-birth photo shoots, doting dog owners have proven otherwise. With the help from her owner, Elsa, pregnant pug mix Fusee has hopped on board the dog maternity shoot bandwagon with a delightful series of photos.

To celebrate Fusee’s pregnancy, Elsa asked her photographer friend Clayton Foshaug to snap some sweet and stylish photographs of the 8-weeks-pregnant dog. Like many maternity shoots shot in the spring or summer, Elsa opted for a floral theme. As glowing Fusee lounges in a grassy field, she is surrounded by blossoming flowers. She also wears a crown of pale pink roses on her head, and has some freshly-cut blooms near her feet. Even Elsa—who makes an appearance in some of the photos—has embraced this flowery focus, as evident in the pattern of her flowing dress.

While most canine maternity shoots usually only feature the beaming mom (and sometimes the dad, too), Elsa decided to star in the shoot alongside Fusee, who she calls her “best friend.” In a series of 4 shots posted on Twitter, she is shown hugging and kissing the proud pooch, often alongside an adorable handwritten sign that reads “soon 2 be mom.”

Now, as Fusee’s due date excitedly nears (canine pregnancies last around 9 weeks), we can only hope that Elsa and Fusee welcome another dog-centric trend: a puppy photo shoot!

With the help of her owner, Fusee, a pug mix, starred in her own flower-themed dog maternity shoot.

Dog Maternity Shoot Pregnant Dog Pug Mix
Dog Maternity Shoot Pregnant Dog Pug Mix
Dog Maternity Shoot Pregnant Dog Pug Mix

Best of luck to the proud, pregnant dog!

Clayton Foshaug: WebsiteInstagram | Twitter
h/t: [Elite Daily]

All images via @elsa_means.

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