90-Year-Old Photographer Continues to Delight the World with Amusing Self Portraits

You’re never too old to discover your passions—just ask Kimiko Nishimoto. At 72 years young, she picked up a camera, and her life hasn’t been the same since. She’s now 90 years old and still delights people across the globe with her quirky self-portrait photography. Her images turn the ordinary world into a much more whimsical place.

Nishimoto’s growing portfolio features many light-hearted images of herself in fantastical situations. Using a camera and aided by photo manipulation programs, she imagines herself riding a broom like a witch and speaking to a bird as she floats in mid-air, also on a broom. The nonagenarian will often share images of herself being mischevious, too. One of her latest pictures shows her gleefully tying someone to a chair. But the dramatic photos, paired with some over-the-top editing choices, make us sure that Nishimoto means it all in good fun.

Since we last enjoyed Nishimoto’s creative self-portrait photography, she’s joined Instagram. Follow her ever-growing account to see her portfolio and also a peek into her life beyond the lens.

At 90 years old, Kimiko Nishimoto continues to delight the world with her creative self-portrait photography.

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