Adorable Corgi Siblings Look Like Fluffy Balls of Happiness

Baby the Corgi Puppy

Sometimes, a little dose of cuteness is all you need. And lucky for you, we’ve found two pups who are sure to put a smile on your face. Meet 2-year-old Cooper and 7-month-old Baby, the adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgis who are stealing the hearts of many on the Internet. They live in Myanmar, Burma with their devoted owner, May Theint Nwe. She shares photos of the adorable duo on Instagram to  their 40,000+ followers, and we can see why they’re so popular.

With their pointed ears and cheeky grins, Cooper and Baby are just like fluffy balls of happiness. “Cooper is the sweetest boy ever and he’s a good big brother to Baby,” May tells My Modern Met. “Very forgiving and kind. He loves meeting new people and making friends easily with anyone or any dog. He is a people pleaser and will do anything to make you love him!”

Baby might look innocent, but this little cutie has a cheeky side. “Baby is very playful and feisty,” reveals May. “She sometimes gets jealous if she doesn’t get enough attention. But overall she loves everyone and her big brother too.” Although she’s small, Baby protects the house by barking at anyone who dares pass by. And her favorite activity is to play in the yard, where the little tyke enjoys chasing birds and digging up plants.

Both dogs are undeniably precious, but Baby is particularly fond of showing off her cuteness in front of the camera. “Cooper doesn’t like posing for pictures as much as Baby does,” says May. “Baby doesn’t mind posing for the pictures and smiling for the camera as long as she gets lots of treats!”

Check out some pictures of adorable Cooper and Baby below, and find much more on Instagram.

Meet 2-year-old Cooper and 7-month-old Baby, two adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Cooper and Baby the Corgi DogsBaby the Corgi PuppyCorgi PuppyBaby the Corgi PuppyCorgi Cooper Corgi DogCooper Corgi DogCorgi PuppyBaby the Corgi PuppyCorgi PuppyCorgi PuppyBaby the Corgi PuppyBaby the Corgi PuppyBaby the Corgi PuppyCooper & Baby: Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Cooper & Baby.

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