Adorable Footage of Baby Foxes Playing with a GoPro

Baby Fox Looking At the GoPro

When nature photographer Victor Čech frequented Turiec, Slovakia, he was preparing to make a vlog of his time shooting in the spot. Turiec is a gorgeous area, prosperous in fauna and household to at least 300 species of birds and mammals, together with foxes. Hoping to capture some footage of the locals, Čech placed his GoPro Hero 9 Black in a clearing and remaining it by yourself. When he returned to his digital camera afterwards on, he was shocked to locate it had been moved. After examining the footage, he identified the cute culprits.

About 15 minutes just after sunset, the camera’s movement detection element was activated by a fox pup sneaking up to the camera. At to start with, it leaps away in surprise, then pounces all-around the digicam like a kitten. It promptly grows bolder, nosing the camera and knocking it out of spot. The other pups then sign up for in, earning their individual fun and batting the digicam about. The fox cubs performed with the digicam for about a few minutes, producing for a online video that showcases their curious personalities and playful natures in their organic habitat. “It is never ever dull with fox burrows,” Čech suggests in the video’s description. “I tried to set my GoPro with movement detection there, and the result failed to take very long.”

Čech has been photographing wild animals because 2009, and commenced experimenting with video clip in the very last yr. On this distinct journey, he was shooting for the Turiecfoto internet site, the goal of which is “to deliver you nearer to the mysterious lifetime of these inhabitants, the mountains of Malá and Velká fatra, meadows and waters.” Two of Čech’s primary plans in documenting the animal species of the location are to endorse environmental education and learning and duty towards mother nature. “It’s wild, it is really evolving, not secure, always changing,” Čech describes. It is why he enjoys nature, and continues to document the fauna of Slovakia. To see a lot more of his do the job, you can go to Turiecfoto and comply with him on Instagram.

Wildlife photographer Victor Čech still left his GoPro out in nature. When he checked the footage, he was shocked by lovely fox pups playing with the digital camera. Look at the footage here:

Victor Čech: Web site | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [PetaPixel]

All photographs via Victor Čech.

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