Adorable Hamster Is the Newest Cuddle Buddy for Family of 8 Dogs and a Cat

Earlier this year, we met the photogenic Yuta Family—a brood that includes eight Chihuahas and Richie, the dogs’ protective feline friend. Now, the household has welcomed a new animal addition—a cuddly little hamster. The tiny rodent has seamlessly joined the family, adding an adorable element of fluff to the already sweet and creative collection of portraits on the family’s Instagram account.

Richie and his gang of dogs have had no problem selflessly sharing their home and the camera with their new hamster sibling. Most of the pictures reveal the different species cuddling for a nap, playing dress-up, or a combination of the two. They look so cozy and at peace with each other, despite their differences. Check out a few of the Yuta Family’s photos below, and for more of their adventures, you can follow the interspecies pack on Instagram.

Yuta Family: Facebook | Instagram
via [The Dodo]

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