Adorably Sad Unicorn Candle Cries Rainbow Tears When Lit

In recent years, candle design has taken a creative turn. Rather than producing the same—and conventional—big pillar candles or tiny tealights, designers have gone a different route by combining elements of sculpture that interacts with the melting wax. From hatching dinosaurs to surprise animal skeletons, the possibilities for fun seem endless. The latest in these playful novelty candles is seemingly ripped from the cover of a Lisa Frank trapper keeper. Online purveyor Firebox is now selling a unicorn candle that cries rainbow-colored wax.

Aptly called the Crying Unicorn Candle, it features the mythical creature in the “purest white ceramic” holding a vibrant candle horn. As the taper burns and the wax melts, the liquid dramatically drips through the hollow eyes of the unicorn, just like brilliantly psychedelic tears.  And as if once isn’t enough for a crying spell, the candle includes two more spiraled horns for the ultimate in beautiful sadness.

The Crying Unicorn Candle is now available for pre-order through

This unicorn novelty candle cries adorable rainbow-colored tears when you light it.

Rainbow crying unicorn novelty candle
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