Amazing Rock Looks Just Like Cookie Monster When Cracked Open

Cookie Monster Rock

Screenshot: Instagram

Gems and geodes have methods of shocking us. From rainbow crystals to heart-shaped amethysts, these rocks confirm you can in no way be as well sure about what you will come across when you crack them open up. A person of the hottest surprising discoveries is a pair of Cookie Monster twins in an agate from Brazil. Gem collector Mike Bowers, with the assistance of Lucas Fassari, unearthed the rock that the famed Sesame Street character was hiding in just. The resemblance to the beloved puppet is uncanny—down to the blue confront, goofy grin, and big googly eyes.

The uncommon Muppet mineral was hid in a tiny, egg-shaped volcanic rock. It gave no indication that once break up open, there would be two flawless recreations of Cookie Monster clad in sapphire quartz. To announce this wonderful locate, Bowers did a expose video on Instagram set to the now-iconic music “C is for Cookie” sung by the king of confections himself.

For now, Bowers is holding the Cookie Monsters all to himself. But if and when he does choose to offer the quirky pair, he’s searching at a lot of cookies. Thanks to the unusual stone and the resemblance to the character, folks have been eager to pay out upwards of $10,000 for a prospect to very own the established.

Gem collector Mike Bowers discovered a twin pair of Cookie Monsters in an agate from Brazil—to the “C is for Cookie” song, of class!

Mike Bowers: Instagram
h/t: [boing boing]

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