Antique-Looking Leather Journals Hand-Crafted With Historical Flair

Bookbinding—an art form that stretches back thousands of years—creates stunning work to contain the written word. Whether it be the precious phrases of classic authors or our most intimate thoughts, putting pen to paper has never been more beautiful thanks to the work of bookbinders aLexLibris. With over 15 years experience, head bookbinder Alex creates an array of hand-crafted leather journals, cookbooks, and more that will make you want to pick up a quill pen. 

The range primarily focuses on books with Medieval and Renaissance flair. Embossed leather covers, delicate metalwork, and internal pages stained with coffee all help achieve the feeling that these books come from the distant past. We’re especially fond of the Anatomia series of journals, which take inspiration from Renaissance anatomy books. ”In ‘chained libraries’ books are were chained to lecterns or shelves to prevent theft. In that reasons, this book has a sturdy mounted chain on back cover plate,” the artisans write on their website. “Locking of the book is made with leather stripes, decorative metal ends and pegs embedded in edge of thick front cover plate. The clasps adorn the cover, placing intrigue when opening and discovering its beauty.”

The love and labor given to each piece makes opening the journals a precious gift each time—transporting us to an imaginary library where, after blowing a layer of dust off the volume, we settle in to write our verses in solitude. ALexLibris currently sells their journals through its Etsy shop. Commissions are also welcome, allowing you to customize your perfect book.

The fully leather-bound book measures 8 x 10.6 inches with a thickness of 4 inches.

The interior pages of the journal are stained with coffee to give an authentic, aged look.

Detail of the cover of an Anatomia journal prior to the leather being toned.

This hand-carved, leather ribcage for the front cover was created with a specially prepared, thick leather. 

This 600-page journal is inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The front cover portrait of Dracula has a vintage feel and is surrounded by embossed and gilded skulls for a full vampire effect.

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All images via aLexLibris.

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