Apple’s New Store in Singapore Floats on Water

Apple Store - Marina Bay Singapore - Foster + Partners

Singapore’s Marina Bay is already iconic for its architecture, and now, thanks to Apple, there is a new contemporary structure helping enhance the area. Designed by architects Foster + Partners, Apple Marina Bay Sands is the first Apple Store entirely surrounded by water.

The futuristic space is a beautiful follow up to the firm’s recently opened Bangkok Apple Store, which took on the form of a tree. In Singapore, the architects have created a modern sphere influenced by the past. Foster + Partners looked to Rome’s famous Pantheon for inspiration, interpreting the piece of ancient Roman architecture into something contemporary.

The self-supporting structure is made entirely of glass, with just 10 vertical mullions seaming together the 114 panes. This gives an impressive 360-degree panorama of the surroundings. Inside, circular sun shades provide relief from the heat and gather up to a central oculus, which again harkens back to the Pantheon.

“The dome appears ephemeral,” shared Foster + Partners’ Stefan Behling. “The effect is very calming, and the changing intensity and color of the light is mesmerizing. It is not only a celebration of Apple’s incredible products but a celebration of light.”

Apple Marina Bay Sands is accessed via a 147-foot-long underwater tunnel from the neighboring shopping center, giving visitors the feeling that they’re entering a floating building. This tunnel is an extension of the Apple experience, as it’s lined with merchandise and has a Genius Bar running down the center.

More than just a retail space, this Apple Store—the third in Singapore—also has a video wall that provides Today at Apple sessions for local artists and creators. Entrepreneurs and developers are also encouraged to meet with the Apple team for advice and training in its first underwater boardroom located on the lower level.

By continuing to push the boundaries of its stores, Apple is letting cutting-edge architecture help reinforce the messaging behind its brand. If you are ready to experience Apple Marina Bay Sands, it’s now open to the public via appointment to help maintain social distancing policies.

Apple has opened its first store to sit entirely on water.

Apple Store - Marina Bay Singapore - Foster + Partners

Located in Singapore, Apple Marina Bay Sands was inspired by the classical architecture of the Pantheon.

Inside of the Apple Store in Marina Bay Singapore

Aside from shopping, the space is also set up for interactive presentations and training.

Woman Browsing Items at the Apple Singapore StoreApple Store Singapore Interior by Foster + PartnersApple Store Singapore Interior

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