Art History Challenge has People Recreating Art With Everyday Items

Like many cultural institutions, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles is closed due to the spread of the coronavirus. But during this challenging time, the Getty has found a way to keep people engaged with their art—even though they can’t see it in person. They’ve challenged their social media followers to “recreate a work of art with objects (and people)” from the comfort of their own homes. And the internet did not disappoint.

After the museum shared some examples of this art challenge with its own staff, Twitter users began replying to the Getty with their artistic recreations. Some used their pets as stand-ins for the human subjects in art history, and everyone had to get creative about how they saw everyday items. One person used a dustpan to represent a blue house found in a Chagall painting, while another used half a dozen rolls of toilet paper to mimic the poofy shape of a powdered wig in an 18th-century Parisian painting. These types of recreations will make you laugh, and then they’ll have you looking around your own home to see what you could conjure up for a masterpiece from history.

The Getty isn’t the only account that’s promoting this type of creative challenge. They actually got the idea from Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine, a Dutch Instagram whose name means “between art and quarantine.” They have been sharing homemade recreations for weeks now, as has Covid Classics—a popular Instagram featuring “four roommates who love art… and are indefinitely quarantined.”

Scroll down to see what people have come up with while in their homes.

A unique art history challenge has people recreating iconic paintings with anything they can find at home while self-isolating.

These four roommates have been keeping themselves busy by recreating multiple works of art and sharing them as Covid Classics.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles recently posed the creative challenge to their followers, too, based on their collection.

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