Artist Continues to Add Pop Culture Characters to Thrift Store Paintings

Looking for a little levity? Dave Pollot‘s clever oil paintings have always brought a smile to our faces. Pollot scours thrift shops for used paintings and prints, which are then transformed into humorous art pieces under his deft hand. He’s mastered the art of finding just the right place to insert pop culture figures and references, blending them seamlessly into the pre-existing scenery. His work doesn’t take itself too seriously—the aim is simply to put a smile on the face of his audience.

Based in New York, Pollot’s use of old artwork came about for practical reasons—his short attention span called for something he could complete quickly. “Repurposing old thrift art has become something of an answer to this problem,” the artist shares. “I take abandoned prints and paintings found at thrift stores and garage sales and carefully use oil paints to make new additions into the old pieces. Part of the challenge is not only taking some piece of pop culture and putting it into a place where it might not belong, but also making it blend in so well that it actually seems that it belongs.”

Pollock’s work brings these discarded pieces out of dusty attics or grandma’s living room and gives them a second life. His world creates an escapist fantasy that catches us off guard, forcing us to play a fun game of “one of these things does not belong.”

To proudly display one of Pollock’s creations on your wall, the artist has made his original artwork and prints of his paintings available through Etsy.

Dave Pollot: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Etsy
via [Laughing Squid]

All images via Dave Pollot.

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