Artist Crafts Balloon Animals that Look Like Their Real Counterparts

Remember balloon animals from your childhood? Well, Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto takes the children’s party craft to a whole other level. The talented sculptor twists colorful balloons into all sorts of exotic creatures that are full of impressive details. His ever-growing portfolio of land animals, insects, birds, plants, and seas creatures are all rendered by hand, entirely from balloons and without the use of tape or markers.

It’s clear to see that Matsumoto has elevated this art form, and it’s all stems from a love of both his unconventional craft and of animals. Each large-scale, inflatable sculpture showcases the chosen creature’s distinctive features and textural elements. In one piece, a black scarab features a shiny balloon shell, scalloped front legs, and delicate antennae. In another, a pink squid is rendered in life-like details, including long balloon tentacles, a patterned body, and realistic eyes.

Scroll down to check out some of Matsumoto’s most recent balloon animals, and find more from his portfolio on Instagram.

Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto twists colorful balloons into all sorts of exotic creatures.


From creepy crawlies…


To beautiful birds…


…and even plants.


Matsumoto can twist balloons into pretty much any creature.

Masayoshi Matsumoto: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

All images via Masayoshi Matsumoto.

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