Artist Embodies Famous Faces with Incredible Makeup Transformations

We’ve seen many talented makeup artists around the world who use their skills to creatively transform the human face, but Chinese blogger He Yuhong takes makeup artistry to the next level. The master artist uses cosmetics to turn herself into any famous face, and we really mean any face.

From Johnny Depp to Taylor Swift, each makeup metamorphosis will make you do a double take. It’s no surprise that Yuhong has amassed more than 560,000 Instagram followers and over 17,000 YouTube subscribers—her incredible portfolio of imitation makeup is truly mesmerizing. Yuhong often posts videos detailing the stages of her fantastic transformations, showcasing her expert skill. She reveals the endless possibilities of makeup and how it can completely change the contours, complexion, and even the expressions of the human face.

Yuhong often finishes her celebrity looks by wearing wigs and outfits to match the style of the person she’s imitating. For her incredible Albert Einstein transformation, Yuhong is no longer recognizable under layers of carefully painted winkles, a fake mustache, and a gray wig. For her Mona Lisa-inspired look, Yuhong transforms herself into an uncanny version of the painting, complete with the subject’s famous smile.

You can see more of Yuhong’s makeup transformations on Instagram and YouTube.

Chinese blogger He Yuhong uses makeup to turn herself into any famous face.

Each makeup transformation looks so much like the real celebrity, you’ll do a double take.

Watch how she does it.

He Yuhong: Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via He Yuhong.

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